Danceteria - Polaroid

At the center of New Wave music scene, Danceteria nightclub in New York City in the 1980's was the place to be. Six floors of bands, DJ's, celebrities, artists and much more. 

Fashion Shows with clothing styles and themes from all over the world were regular events. I would go deep into the cellar of dressing rooms, setup an area for portraits, grab some of the models before they headed upstairs to the waiting crowds.

A wild time to say the least. Almost anyone could be a model and the more abstract and strange, the better.

It was a time where Disco had died, Punk was on the rampage and still angry. New Wave was in the search for something, anything....

Here are a just a few examples from these nights. Shot on 35mm transparency film, copied onto Polaroid peel apart instant film, which was then transfered to textured papers.