Portraits by Greg Heisler

From 1982 to 1985, I worked for Jay Maisel in New York City at his Bank building on The Bowery and Spring Street.

The Lower East Side of Manhattan, a colorful neighborhood to say the least. Back then it was mainly homeless people, drug dealers, and a few stray prostitutes commanding the streets.

Times have changed dramatically,  now museums, galleries, high-end restaurants, and shops have taken over the old hood.

On my last day working for Maisel, my dear friend, Gregory Heisler wanted to do some portraits of me at the Bank. I am not a fan of being the subject, but I could not say no to Greg, one of the greatest portrait photographers of our time. I was truly honored to be photographed by him.

Eventually, I received a set of beautiful handmade prints from Greg. These are a few images I scanned from these prints. The quality of his prints cannot be seen in these scans of course.

He was using a Pentax 6x7 camera and a 120 Noblex camera for these.

These images on my last day in NYC, adding to the memories of such an incredible time in my life, working for Maisel in The Big City, living the dream...