Arthur Meyerson - The Journey - his latest book

Arthur Meyerson - The Journey

Arthur’s work is full of color, light, and gesture. He is a Master of the image. He has been a huge inspiration to me for as long as I can remember. You instantly know when you see an AM image.

He continues to surprise and amaze with moments that he finds. You are there, you are seeing the exact same thing, BUT he sees it in a way that makes you twist and turn and wonder how did he see that image, let alone, how did he capture that moment.

His first book - The Color of Light, is a pure photography book. Simple, beautiful design that makes it all about the wonderful images, each and every one of them. If you didn't get the book, you missed out. Long sold out and is sure to be a real collector's item.

I just opened Arthur’s second book -The Journey. Once again, simple, beautiful design that makes it all about his incredible images. But this book goes much deeper. Starting off with questions from Anne Wilkes Tucker that end up in wonderful discussions about Arthur’s Journey.

The book continues into sections with words from Arthur. He covers a great range of subjects from The Color Moment, Gesture, Perception, Light, Weather, Point of View, his love for the cowboy life and much much more….

His writings are an education on how he works and sees. Well worth the read. And I am sure will make you think and possibly see different too. They definitely will open your mind and appreciate the images he creates.

The book then takes you on some of his journeys. The years and years of incredible work he did for Coca-Cola, all over the world!

Antartica, Route 66, China, Mexico, Japan, Cuba, to name a few. You will see images from Arthur in this book that show he is on a constant look out for a moment in time, a gesture, a slice of color, light, something that will surprise you.

Get the book - Arthur Meyerson The Journey - before it’s too late. You won’t be disappointed.

You'll have to buy the book to see inside:

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