Lessons in Light

A few examples of light and it's contrasts. From my latest trip to Myanmar.

The image on the left was done inside a ship's cabin. The image on the right was a few minutes later on the same ship, in a door way with sunrise light coming in. These images were shot a few feet apart, just by looking around and finding different light and different subjects.

Walking down a city street, I noticed these colourful buildings. I went to the opposite end of the street and found the dramatic contrast in light on same the buildings. The first image full of colour, the second full of contrast and lacking colour. By looking around and walking up the street, I was able to make two completely different kind of images of the same subject.

I found this man at the entrance of a market. The image on the left was done with strong side light coming in. Moments later, I turned around and found him in completely different light in the same market entrance. He had moved to the other side of me, all I did was turn around.
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