"The Soul of Myanmar" Exhibition

"The Soul of Myanmar"

I am often asked, “What is the great attraction to Myanmar (Burma)?” Well, it is a very beautiful country, with mystical temples, scattered amongst the endless landscape. But, the people are the real charm of this “Golden Land.”

Their shy, innocence is the heart of their beauty. Dedicated to Buddhist beliefs and a life of happiness, as they struggle to survive with so very little.

The country is opening up for the first time in so many years, and changes are now happening by the moment. I am driven to capture as much of the “Soul of Myanmar” as I can, before it gets caught up in the modern world.

As I plan my twelfth trip to Myanmar, I look forward to wanderings with the locals, and slowing down to their life of appreciation and happiness.

"The Soul of Myanmar" Exhibition of 21 Limited Edition prints.

Please contact Albert Normandin directly for print sales.

October 3rd to October 30, 2015 at Camerawork Gallery, Portland, Oregon