After 70 days touring Myanmar I am now in Bangkok for a few days
before my return home. But not before some last day adventures.

My international flights were booked 11 months ago.
My Myanmar domestic flights were booked 5 months ago.

Heho airport near Inle Lake for a flight to Yangon:
Hard to describe the feeling of standing on the tarmac 50 feet away from the airplane that has just cranked it's engines up and pulling away, the plane that I am suppose to be on.

Domestic flights in Myanmar change and have to confirm your flight the day before departure. Original ticket said 10:20 am. Confirmed the day before for a 10 am departure.

Checked in early of course and was told to go to gate at 9:30 am.
Arrived at gate at 9:30am only to be rushed out to the tarmac to watch the plane I am suppose to be on pull away. The flight left at 9:35 am.

After a heated discussion on the tarmac with the local manager of the airline, as he was wanting to put me on an evening flight to Yangon, I was finally put on another flight from a different airline that actually left at 10 am. As I had a busy day in Yangon before my evening flight to Bangkok, it was important that I get to Yangon that morning.

Home I will be soon enough, with a few images and many stories of adventures in the Golden Land....