February 9, 2016

Returning Home

A few long flights across the lands and finally the mountains that go on forever - Canada. As we enter Vancouver, glowing in the sun and all it's glory. What a beautiful scene to return to. Home now after 92 days in Asia.....

February 4, 2016

A sad reality

The port city of Sittwe on the coast of northern Myanmar, the beaches are covered in garbage. The sad fact is this is a common site in many countries.

A few Bricks

Out in the farmlands of northern Myanmar, I found many brick factories scattered over the landscape. The bricks are made from the mud in these fields, stacked out to dry in the sun, then put in makeshift ovens to bake for days. Thousands of bricks are produced by these hard working men each day and they are paid a few cents per brick. Working like machines, they actually can make better than average money...

January 25, 2016

Myanmar 12 continued

A few more images as I continue my travels on trip number 12 to Myanmar

Morning washing 

 Hot and fresh

Shampoo, rice, eggs.....

Gold Dome

Dream the World


January 16, 2016

A few more...

A few recent images from Myanmar as I continue this adventure

Patterns prepared

My images seem to always be obstructed


Gold Dome


The people of Myanmar are happy, most have nothing, have simple needs and lead very simple lives, barely getting by, but are HAPPY.

We have everything we could ever want and only want more and more, and are not happy.

This week I visited an HIV/AIDS hospital, a school for blind people, a refugee camp for the displaced and a weaving factory where young girls work very long days for a few dollars, have 1 day a month off, living far away from their families. But they are all happy......

January 7, 2016

A Dear Friend

A Dear Friend,

About 8 years ago, on one of my trips to Myanmar, I dropped by a small Nunnery. On this first visit to this Nunnery, I witnessed young Nuns praying and studying the Buddhist teachings. I met with the headmaster Nun and through my guide, had a short conversation.

Every trip to Myanmar since then, I have been coming to this Nunnery, observing and photographing their daily life. And every visit grew into hours of conversation with the head master Nun. As we got to know each other, we discussed our cultural differences, Buddhism and beliefs, freethinking, our countries, the world, daily life, happiness, crazy and just about anything else. As we grew more comfortable with each other, the conversations became much more interesting and humorous. All these conversations were done through my guide translating for us.

Each trip turned into days of visits to the Nunnery and much longer conversations. The visits quickly became less about photography and much more about spending time with a great friend and the young Nuns.

I was honoured to be accepted by the Nuns and allowed into their daily life, I was invited to festivals and different events with the Nuns. To the point that they were waiting and expecting me to show up for the next season. The headmaster was always waiting for me and full of conversation.

Our conversations taught me so much more about peace and happiness than I could ever found on my own.

She would always tell me I needed to meditate and I always agreed and promised I would. We would always promise to learn each others language so we could communicate. We set her up with an email address and she promised to learn how to use email and send me messages in english.

A few days ago, the Nuns were on a trip to southern Myanmar and were involved in a bad car accident. The head master, my friend, did not survive. Several other young Nuns were injured and are recovering.

My Dear Friend, I will miss spending time with you, laughing and talking for hours and hours. I will miss our broken promises, hopes and dreams…. 


One of her young Nuns

January 1, 2016

First Day of 2016

A few images from the First Day of 2016, Myanmar

A young Monk's first flight of the New Year

Nun's first morning out of the New Year

A young man rolls the New Year in...

I found these three wise Monks keeping warm and stuck in time, New Year's morning

Blue is colour for the first day of work, New Year's morning

The first Badminton game of the New Year

As the sun sets on the first day of 2016

December 31, 2015

Balloons and more

The last day of 2015, in the cool mountains of Myanmar. A few images from recent days to close off the year...
Young Monks having fun

Early morning prayers

Distorted trucks in Myanmar

 And may all the birds land safely on your water buffalo

Early morning crossing of the new (?) bridge in Hsipaw

18 Balloons prepare for take off at sunrise, Bagan, Myanmar

December 23, 2015

Sweet December

In Myanmar and other parts of Asia, December 1 marks the beginning of Sweet December.
Kind of a fresh start. Wishing all a fresh start and a new beginning...