November 23, 2015

Tragedy and Hope

I am currently traveling in Myanmar. Two images I found with feeling and thoughts:

A simple image brings deep thoughts of sadness with the recent problems in France, Mali and other parts of the World. Hoping for Peace..

Yesterday I wandered around the Muslim, Hindu, Indian part of a town in Southern Myanmar. My guide and I were overwhelmed with the welcome we received. The Burmese people in general are very warm and welcoming, but this was a different level. I found another simple wall that I was drawn to. This one brought on deep feelings of hope and happiness. As I photographed the local people in front of this wall, I felt comfort and peace. I went back again this morning to visit the locals and witness a young boy custodian do his daily ritual at the Hindu temple.

October 27, 2015

New York City wanderings

Wandering the streets of New York City with 2 Fuji X-T10 mirrorless cameras and 2 fast Fuji lenses, the 16mm F1.4 and the 90mm F2. Indoors, outdoors, from moving taxis flying through the streets, this light, simple setup worked flawlessly. Shooting at wide open apertures and challenging the auto focus and ISO, the Fuji equipment performed above and beyond. Such a great way to travel without sacrificing quality or creativity.

Fuji mirrorless test

I had the opportunity to test the new Fuji 16mm F1.4 and 90mm F2 lenses on Fuji X-T10 mirrorless camera bodies. Lightening the load but not sacrificing quality.